The sneezy side of spring

We haven’t been doing much lately. The kids are on their second round of antibiotics, and I am currently walking around with a 10-lb head, bowing before the onslaught of tree sperm…er, pollen.

I need a bubble.

Surviving the next few weeks is thus the top item on my to-do list.

Yesterday I tried an app recommended by my health insurance, Doctor on Demand. I was pretty sure I have a sinus infection (I get them a LOT), but was not looking forward to lugging the minions to the minor med. Thanks to Doctor on Demand, I had my prescription within an hour, without even having to stop nursing Kai. And it was cheaper than the minor med, too! (No, they did not pay me to say that.)


I have a love/hate thing going on with Essie’s Fashion Playground nail polish. Lovelovelove the color. Hate the formula. It takes three coats over a white base coat to look decent; throw in a top coat and you’re looking at a mess of wasted time and a recipe for disaster, as there’s no way that much polish will stand up to motherhood. Still, I keep removing and reapplying because it’s gorgeous.

This pic doesn’t even do it justice.


Medium is a great resource for me to find thought-provoking articles, since my internet browsing time is basically whatever moments I can snatch while I pee or nurse the baby. This week I enjoyed Can a Dress Shirt Be Racist (I admit I skimmed the last third of this, because it is long, but it’s fascinating stuff) and An Open Letter to Planned Parenthood. From a Man, even though it made me cry.


More Bones. I have to do something else while I watch it, because ew. But I feel like much less of a Sheldon compared to her. (Not sure if that’s justified or not.) Seriously covet her hair, though.

We’ve also been watching the new episodes of Good Eats that I bought. And peace once more descends upon bedtime.

Listening to:

Snot. Sorry, that was gross. But I do most of my music listening while driving, and the kids and I have all been congested, so we have been sticking close to home lately. And going through boxes upon boxes of tissues.

Working on:

Work has slowed down a bit, actually. So I’ve been working on my to-do list. I’m also trying to decide which photos from the past three sessions I want to frame (yeah, I’m behind), and how I want to redecorate my office, and the floral arrangements I want to make for the table, and all kinds of projects I really don’t feel well enough to take on right now.


Earth Day. My amorphous plan to buy a tree may come to pass; we saw some trees at Kroger for $13, and I am seriously contemplating buying one. (Or more!)

Making me happy:

The azaleas are starting to bloom. They’re overgrown and scraggly, and the mere whiff of their fragrance sets my sinuses a-spasm, but they still make me happy. Go figure.



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