Too much fun

My daughter has been hell on wheels lately. You know it’s bad when she starts spontaneously apologizing.

“I sorry I not listen, Mama.”

“I sorry I hide from you in Target.”

“I sorry I not behaving.”

She didn’t necessarily correct the behavior, but she apologized, at least. Repeatedly, and sincerely. I also got loads of hugs and kisses and pampering. Which was nice, but…you know.

Finally, she said, “I sorry I act up, Mama. I just get too excited. We been having too much fun.”*

Too much fun?

“Yeah. We gotta stop that.”

So…we just need to do nothing for a while? Not have fun for a few days?


This kid, I swear. But I kind of get where she’s coming from. I’ve rather ODed on fun, myself. So I have vowed to be boring for a few days. We’ll see if I can pull that off.


Anya’s sudden interest in Legos. She’s always been a tower builder, but lately she’s been trying to build things from the pattern book that came with her Legos. So she’s consulting  a book and trying to follow instructions. Warms my little tech writer heart. (Even though I tend to ignore the instructions myself.)

Kai has been teething, and sick, and also suffered a bout of explosive diarrhea from his antibiotic, but never let it get him down. He’s been a little fussy and clingy – and cuddly and affectionate. That’s my boy.


Um…work. Still. Sorry. Does this count towards my boring?


Bones still. Plus my usual shows. And a little first-season Buffy at bedtime so I can kid myself that my saggy underchin, like David Boreanaz’s, just adds character.

Listening to:

Various Spotify playlists, searching for music that speaks to my soul.

Working on:

Work and work and more work.


Simple days for a while.

Making me happy:

Walking with my son holding my hand.


*Actually, she said “too much pun.” Because she still mixes up her fs and ps. I somehow managed to refrain from making puns about this mispronunciation.


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