Birthdaypalooza redux

My Google Photos backup had a hiccup, and I lost everything from March 17-19.

Our family outing. My son’s first birthday celebration. His first Easter egg hunt. Just friggin’ gone. I’m honestly sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

I Instagrammed the best pics, so I at least have those. Low res and square, but it’s something.

Ugh. Anyway, we had a great time. We took the kids to the Children’s Museum, where we ran into a former coworker of mine. She has a daughter a year younger than Anya; we’re talking about setting up a play date for the kids. So that should be fun.

We then went on to the Botanic Garden, and spent a good deal of time exploring My Big Backyard. We missed that part last time; it’s pretty awesome. Anya got to play with other kids, which is always a plus.

For dinner, we had Red Robin. The waiters sang to Daddy and Kai. Kai had ice cream. Daddy had green beer. Anya got a balloon. (I got dessert, too, lest you think I was short-changed.)

Kai’s party the next day was a lot of fun. Three of his four grandparents came out (R’s dad had to work), and we had cake and watched Kai open presents. Later that night, we discovered Kai had cut his first tooth! So it was an eventful day until the very end.

Saturday’s Easter egg hunt was blustery and cold, and Kai was extremely upset by the time it was all over with. But I gave the kids hot cocoa with their chocolate when we got home, and that seemed to make up for all that time he spent waiting to “hunt” for eggs full of candy he can’t eat.

Yesterday felt a little anticlimactic by comparison. Kai had explosive diarrhea from the antibiotic, but otherwise it was your garden-variety Sunday. And you know what? That’s okay by me. I’m a little celebrated out. After Easter, it’ll be nice to just have some normal time for a while. This extended party has been fun, but I’m tired, queasy from junk food, and behind on my freelancing. Time to get stuff done.


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