Happy birthday, my little prince

Today, my tiny baby turns 1. And will hereafter be referred to as a toddler, though he is still (and will forever remain) my baby.

A year ago, I went to the hospital early-early.

Full of baby.

I won’t say it was easy, bringing you in the world. Afterwards, we were both tired and subdued.

But then you looked at me, and it was love. Instant, pure, and strong as that first adolescent crush.

My phone does not do close-ups well.

In a moment, every painful, scary, intense moment I’d endured was worth it. I’d do all again, if I had to. Over and over.

So very tiny.

I wondered how I could possibly love you with the intensity I loved your sister, my firstborn. I did not realize, until you, how very much I am able to love. You taught me that love grows. And the more love grows, the more it is able to grow. I understand now.

My gorgeous boy.

Happy birthday, my stormy boy. Mama loves you bigger than the sky, bluer than your eyes.


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