Spring forward

I actually don’t mind springing forward. I used to loathe the time change, and bitterly regretted the loss of that hour. Now, I don’t sleep anyway; what’s one more lost hour?

This past Sunday, for instance, my son awakened at 5 am. Which was actually 4 am. Either way, it was still dark, and I was not ready to be up. An extra hour would not have helped one bit.

The time change signifies a move into spring, and I am ready for spring. I like the longer days, even if it is an adjustment to go to bed while it is still light out.* I love winter, but I’m kind of over it this year. My kids are ready for outdoor time, and I am ready to turn them loose in the sunshine. They’re not the only ones with cabin fever, either; I am also dying to get out there and stretch my legs.

Just as soon as we all get well, of course.

On my radar is a closet clearing – getting the winter clothes out and rounding out our spring wardobes. I am also planning outdoor activities – picnics and visits to the botanic garden and (if the weather cooperates) some kite flying. We’re moving seedlings outside and feeding birds and gawking at flowers. I’m trading in our darks for pastels, planning menus full of spring vegetables, and stocking up on chocolate candies and plastic eggs.

My neighbors have this fantastic redbud tree. In the spring, it’s covered in bright purple flowers; in the fall, it shimmers with brilliant yellow leaves. One of my life goals is to have my own redbud tree.** But for the time being, I’ll just be grateful that I can see theirs out my office window. Today, it’s just starting to sprout purple buds.

Love this tree.


*Rather than do the usual parent thing of setting an early bedtime for my kids so I can have time to adult, I go to bed with my kids and just get up earlier to grab some alone time. Though, as I’ve mentioned, sometimes this backfires.

**Lofty, I know.


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