Welcome to the house of snot

Despite my best efforts, Kai came down with the crud, too. Poor baby; he can’t figure out how to nurse with a stuffy nose, and he is miserable. As I write this (Friday morning), I am well, but I wonder if that will still be the case Monday.


That Anya is talking more and more plainly. It’s giving me insight into her mind, which is a fascinating place. Yesterday she threw a fit because we insisted she wear boots instead of dress shoes (it was cold and pouring rain). Kicking and thrashing and growling. I stroked her hair and asked her gently to calm down. She immediately snapped out of it and said, “But Mom, I’m just having a hissy fit.”

Kai’s delight in books. He greets a few with the same enthusiasm he gives toys. A fellow bookworm!


I actually got to read an entire chapter of a book the other day. I’m still amazed by that.

Also, this blog article on working moms was good. I hate the dichotomy of “working mom” versus “just a mom.” I am just a mom, who also happens to work. Not because I live in fear of “losing” myself to motherhood (whatever the hell that means), but because moms take care of their kids, and in my world that means I earn a paycheck and freelance to keep a roof over our heads and lights in our light bulbs.

Still, love the shot of the mom holding the newborn while typing on a laptop. Add a desktop computer and a couple of monitors, and throw a preschooler in the mix, and that’s my world. And I know part of me will miss the commotion when they’re both in school all day.


Returning to Bones after nearly a year. Haven’t watched it since my big panic attack a couple of days before I had Kai. And I now no longer remember what was going on, so I’m having to backtrack and read synopses on the internet first.

Listening to:

Your Favorite Coffeehouse on Spotify. It’s not sleepy (which is important when you’re working!), but is soothing enough that Kai can sleep to it.

Working on:

Getting my babies well in time for the end of this week!


Birthday-palooza, the Easter egg drop.

Making me happy:

Extra snuggles from my usually busy babies.


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