It was about time for someone to get sick

Tuesday night, Anya started coughing in her sleep. Sharp, barking coughs, followed by high-pitched gasps for air. The struggle to breathe obviously hurt, as she cried every time she coughed. Again, in her sleep.

This is the child that wants to play hide and seek while running a fever of 103. So I knew she felt bad.

Croup, the doctor said. Which came as so surprise, as I’d gone to Dr. Google first. (I’m a Googler…it’s what I do.) I had hopes that, given Anya’s level of ornery at the doctor’s office, she’d feel much better today. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Today she’s stuffy, hacking, gasping, and it burns when she pees. So back to the doctor we go.

I’m just hoping the rest of us manage to stay well; I have big plans for next week.


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