I’ve been spending out lately. Time, energy, money. I’m tapped. On all fronts.

There are times you need to do just that. I get that. But nothing worthwhile comes to those who don’t save at least a little something.

I’ve set up savings accounts for each child. And one for us, for the house I hope to have someday. I also have a retirement account (well, three, but I’m working to merge the piles). My current retirement contribution is minuscule – 1% or 2%, I think. Because I don’t really have extra income right now. Likewise, I didn’t have savings for a while because I couldn’t put together a big enough deposit to open an account.

But then I discovered online banking; my bank lets me set up an account with whatever amount I choose. So I opened those savings accounts with $10 apiece. Each month, I put in another $10. Money is tight, but $10 won’t break me.

Recently, I set up a savings account just for Christmas. And I’m thinking of doing so for other planned purchases – tablet, car, etc. So I’m not taking money out of our big savings account for those things. What I put in to these accounts is small. But even small deposits add up over time.

It’s easy to see what I should be doing in terms of saving money – you start putting some aside, and in time you have savings. (I was absolutely floored when I saw what I have saved for retirement.) But what about time, and energy? The gains aren’t as tangible in those areas, but that doesn’t make them less real.

I have made meditation a priority this month because I think some mindfulness would do me good. Give me the patience I currently lack with inconveniences great and small. It’s hard to get the habit started, because in the back of my mind it’s not a useful or important time expenditure. (Get up and…just sit there quietly? When I should be working?) But I’m trying. Just a few minutes a day. I’m interested to see how it turns out.

In terms of fitness, I’ve been fighting the all-or-nothing mindset. The belief that an exercise routine shorter than half an hour, or movement not measurable in miles, is a waste. But if I do a 60-second plank every day for a month, I suspect that the following month I will be able to do 120 seconds. And isn’t that worth a minute of my time?

I need to change my perspective of savings. And usefulness. And time.


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