My daughter, the guru

Saturday was…ugh. Stress has been snowballing, and you know where that leads. Especially when:

  1. Anya wakes me after 5 hours of sleep by trying to slip out the front door to go to Mimi’s house, then proceeds to ask me every 5 minutes when we’re going over there. All morning long.
  2. Kai, after keeping me up til 2 a.m., is having a clingy day because he is both teething and constipated.
  3. I discover that my daughter has clogged the toilet with an entire package of wet wipes and, rather than use the other toilet, has been peeing in the (full!) trash can.

Hilarity did not, in fact, ensue.

Instead, I grounded her from Mimi (for the day) and her tablet (for the week) and made her clean her room for both of the above offenses plus lying to me about it. And the grounding went on to include going outside when she persisted in lying to me about cleaning her room.

We eventually got back on track, of course. But it made for an ugly day. And put a definite crimp in my weekend, as I’d planned on having my parents watch the kids so I could work.

My house is (mostly) clean now, though.

The toilet is still broken, however. I mean she did a number on that thing. And yes, they were flushable wipes…but no toilet can stand up to 50 of them all at once.

Did I mention I flooded the bathroom twice trying to clear the clog, before I gave up and just turned the water off? Yeah. BAD day.

My (single, childless) BFF texted me in the middle of all this – a “how ya doing?” text. I’m sure he’s sorry he asked:


At one point, Anya snuck up to me while I was taking a nursing break, stroked my hair, and told me to count to ten. “One…two…three…eight…ten.” Then she told me to “breathe in,” waited for me to inhale, then said “okay, breathe out.” And patted me on the head when I did so. “Good job, Mommy!”

Will someone explain to me where my four-year-old learned all that? YouTube?

If so, bless you, YouTube. Mama needs the reminder sometimes. And mine comes in such a sweet, precious package. Now if she’d just stop fingerpainting the walls with lip gloss.

I do need to start meditating again. Regularly. For more than two minutes at a time, ideally, but two minutes would be a start. So I’ve made it a higher priority than my fitness goals for the time being.

And if I forget, I have my own personal guru to remind me.


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