March’s plan of attack

This month’s PopClogs Bootcamp theme is Awakening Your Inner Warrior, in case you were wondering why all the war imagery.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am working towards streamlining my efforts. It’s not that I find setting intricate goals and tracking daily targets to be unhelpful; it’s just that, for me and my current situation, doing so is like organizing my linen closet while my house is burning down. I am just not there yet.

So I am trying a new approach. I have set long-term goals, and then short-term goals based on those long-term goals. I then brought those down to the day-to-day, and created my goals list from that.

I will still track my daily steps, but not set a target. Mostly I’m just documenting for future reference how many steps I can get when I’m not trying. I am, however, tracking daily planks and meditations, because those are my focus this month. (More on that later.)

The rest of my list consists of two sections: My monthly to-do list (which I find so helpful, putting the tasks in a monthly format rather than daily or weekly lists), and recurring goals:

  • Daily goal
  • Inspire wonder in the kids
  • Family field trip
  • Celebrate

I plan on setting new goals every month for each of those categories, to help me keep on top of them. This month’s daily goal is to maximize down time. Which I am defining as any time I would ordinarily be doing not much of anything (like, oh, checking FB). I want to use that time more productively. And am off to a good start: While I warmed the cup of tea I am now drinking, I did a plank. If I did that four times a day, I’d do 4 minutes of planks a day. Just imagine!

The other category goals are things I’ve been doing, but not formally tracking as recurring goals. However, I think they are important enough to pull to the top-level list, as they feed my long-term goals.

So, without further adieu, here’s the March list:*


Trackable items

  • Steps
  • 25 meditations
  • 25 planks
  • Anya time: 15
  • Try new recipes: 10
  • Resume shots: 5

Daily goal

  • Maximize down time

Inspire wonder in the kids

  • Explore the signs of spring


  • St Patty’s Day
  • Daddy/Kai birthday
  • Easter

Family field trip

  • Children’s museum
  • Easter egg hunt

I feel good about March. Bring it on!


* I will spare you my monthly to-do list, because it’s not terribly interesting to anyone but me.


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