Happy Leap Day!

I am off celebrating my newly declared family holiday: Leap Day. Also known as Hoppy Day. If the kids allow me to take any in-focus pictures, I will report back on the day’s activities in a couple of days.* In the meantime, here’s my quick update.


Our seedlings. Anya wakes up each morning like it’s Christmas, and races out to see what’s sprouting today. Then she strokes the seedlings and talks sweetly to them.

Kai’s sense of humor. He can’t talk yet (though he is vocalizing more, and more meaningfully), but you can just tell when he’s trying to make you laugh. And he loves to make people laugh.


Work, work, and more work.


iZombie. It took me a while to come back around to this, so now I’ve missed the first half of the current season online. (But thanks to the internet, I feel comfortable jumping in after a little synopsis skimming.) It’s no Veronica Mars, but I like it.

Listening to:

I’ve been dusting off my 90s via Spotify – started playing my master playlist for a change of pace. It’s aural comfort food.

Working on:

Work. Work has been squeezing me like a grape in a vice grip. I’ve barely had the energy to fall into bed each night, let alone take on extracurriculars.


Well…today. :) And looking ahead to the St. Patrick’s Day/birthday-palooza, which should also be great fun.

Making me happy:

Anya’s eager anticipation of Easter. She’s been talking about it since Valentine’s.


*Yes, I know…I’m supposed to be proposing to R. I’m just not sure I need to; we’ve already informally started planning the wedding. Is there a point to proposing to someone if you not only know the answer will be yes, but have also started hammering out the details of making it so?


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