Tuesday morning

2:55: Wake. Try to slip back into sleep, but bladder is uncomfortably full.

3:07: Give up on sleep and tiptoe to the bathroom.

3:08: Return to bed. Motion wakes baby.

3:09: Nurse baby.

3:20: Baby is awake, but still sleepy, and extremely affectionate. Attempt to corral baby, without waking bedmates, as baby squirms about:

  • Nurse.
  • Snuggle.
  • Wiggle to the other side; nurse more.
  • Nuzzle.
  • Stare dreamily at the space image the nightlight projects on the ceiling.
  • Stroke Mama’s hair.
  • Nurse.
  • Twiddle, poke, and knead Mama; Mama restrains hands.
  • Sit up; belch and toot simultaneously. Look proud.
  • Examine Mama’s teeth.
  • Examine own lack of teeth.
  • Stick Mama’s fingers in mouth so Mama can feel said lack of teeth.
  • Bite Mama’s arm. Stop when Mama whispers, “Ow.”
  • Wiggle to the other side; nurse more. Don’t bite, thankfully.
  • Try to skedaddle up to the headboard. Foiled again.
  • Snag sister’s water from the nightstand; drink. Spill surprisingly little.
  • Kick back and check out the nightlight while drinking water and getting a foot rub.
  • Give Mama a big, drooly, open-mouthed kiss on the forehead.
  • Lay down and nestle close to Mama; sigh.
  • Repeat.

4:37: Grab Mama’s phone. Read email and check Facebook together.

4:47: Mama hides phone so baby will sleep.

4:50: More squirming (see above).

5:20: Baby finally sleeps.

5:27: Mama gets up to start her day.


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