Monday morning

20160222_0718095:27: Alarm starts softly. (I prefer the gentle wake setting.) Snooze, because baby wasn’t going down without a fight last night, so…tired.

5:30: Snooze.

5:35: Snooze.

5:40: Grumble; get up. Morning routine:

  • Put in allergy eyedrops.
  • Put in contact lenses. (RGPs, because I am a Gen Xer.)
  • Wash and moisturize face.
  • Put on makeup: Tinted sunscreen, undereye concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow.
  • Apply styling cream to bedhead; straighten bangs.

5:50: Put on clothing. Stagger to the kitchen to make tea.

5:55: While water is warming, put away items purchased during yesterday’s Target run.

6:00: Settle down in front of the computer to work on freelancing. Hear soft noise. Find the baby about to crawl off the edge of the bed. Attempt to nurse baby back to sleep.

6:10: Give up on nursing him back to sleep without his fully waking; bring him into the office. Find that every motion wakes him further. Resign self to reading email while he nurses.

6:40: Baby finally asleep. Begin freelancing.

7:00: Save work; fire up laptop for “real” job.



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