Ready for spring

Another post prompt borrowed from the ever-entertaining Gin and Lemonade. This week has been so hectic, so I’m glad for the short-update format, LKD. :)


Kai’s new-found freedom. Even though his recently acquired climbing skills have given me a few scares, it is awesome to see how proud he is of his ability to walk.

Anya continues to blow me away with her kindness, gentleness, and thoughtfulness. This past week has been very stressful, so she’s been giving me back massages in the evenings. And nags me until I sit down and let her take care of me. I know she just wants to play with the lotion, but it’s so sweet.


I’ve been bombarded with freelancing this week, so…nothing not work related.


Wrapping up season 3 of Bates Motel. Eagerly anticipating the new episodes of TWD. And catching up with my old friends Scully and Mulder, and seeing just how damn long ago the 90s were.

Listening to:

More Matt Nathanson. Speaking of the 90s. I think we have similar romantic pasts. It’s poignant, listening to these lyrics that so perfectly sum up my misadventures…and also a relief, as I don’t have to deal with the drama anymore. Just one of the perks of middle-aged monogamy.

Working on:

Well, work. And also the care and transplanting of various seedlings. If we don’t kill them before spring, we will have quite the veggie garden this year.


Spring! Allergies aside, I am eager to play outside and go for walks and introduce Kai to brand-new everything. (He was just a little too small last year to appreciate spring.)

Making me happy:

Sunshine and above-freezing temperatures.


3 thoughts on “Ready for spring

    1. I love the format of the prompt — especially for a quick blog post! I don’t know that it’s something I’m going to do regularly, but it has that comfy, 43t feel to it, so I will probably pull it out on busy weeks.

      I’m really enjoying blogging. It took a while to get into a regular update schedule, but I’m so glad I did. It’s helping me get back into that writing groove. And reading your blog inspired me to post a little more often, so thank you for that!


      1. You’re welcome, but I’m not doing much at the moment. Need to get back to it!

        Man, I miss 43T. We should get everyone to do the Currently prompt.

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