I need sleep

To be my optimum, best self, I need restful sleep. Without that, I wake up headachy and groggy and grumpy.

To get restful sleep, I must:

  • Not drink coffee or alcohol (green tea is okay, but no caffeine after noon)
  • Not take Benadryl or other sedating medications
  • Have plenty to eat the day before – but not overeat
  • Not eat too late, or eat a bunch of foods that don’t sit well (sweets, fatty/greasy foods)
  • Get plenty of exercise the day before
  • Manage my anxiety – stay on top of my to-do list, keep the house tidyish, know where my towel is (H2G2 reference for the nongeek amongst us)
  • Not be at odds with my loved ones
  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour – preferably 9ish

It of course also helps if my kids sleep through the night, and if Kai doesn’t power nurse.

I realize that some of these items are outside of my control. But I can control a lot of them. And rather than “treating” myself by staying up late, for instance, or having a sugary snack at bedtime, I need to remember that the next morning will start better and go more smoothly if I stick to the program.

Last Monday morning started beautifully. My first alarm (I set two, 15 minutes apart, for extra-tired mornings) went off; Kai woke slightly and nursed while I daydreamed. The second alarm went off and we all woke. (R was long gone to work, so it was just me and the kids.) Kai sat up and belched. Anya sat up and said, “Good morning, Mama! Did you dream good dreams?” and hugged us both. And I did dream good dreams. Well, weird dreams. But not bad weird.

They played nicely while I got ready, then got them ready. They had a good day at Mimi and Poppy’s, in part because they weren’t overly tired. If only every morning would start that well.

Today, things are not going that well. I stayed up too late, and snacked on junk shortly before bedtime. I told myself I shouldn’t, but did it anyway. So my stomach is queasy and creaky, I am groggy and achy, and every little setback has seemed like a BFD.

I should listen to myself more often. I know what I’m talking about.


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