I need food

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, my appetite has varied widely. I’ve been using SparkPeople to get an idea of whether or not I’m eating a balanced diet (though I am also giving my daily calorie intake a glance – it’s hard not to, with it being all red and bold when I go over what they think I should have*), and it’s been interesting to see the patterns in my eating. Or (as it seems now) the lack thereof.

On days in which I eat steel cut oats, I am less hungry. On days in which I get enough rest, am not overly stressed, etc, I snack less. I know from past experience that vigorous exercise makes me hungry, but I’m not really getting much of that these days.

With all of those things controlled, though, my appetite still varies from day to day. Not just a little. I haven’t decided if the catalyst is what I am eating, or if it’s another matter entirely. But I’m going to figure it out; I find it very inconvenient to be ravenous all the time, especially when I am trying to set a good snacking example for my daughter. (She’s in the all-junk-all-the-time phase, apparently, and it’s frustrating the hell out of me.)

One thing I have learned so far is that I am consistently low on potassium. But I hate bananas. So I need to work on consuming other potassium-rich foods to see if I can pull that number up a bit. I’ve been a bit bloated of late; hopefully fixing my potassium levels will take care of that. Otherwise, I’m in pretty good shape. Probably because I’m taking a multivitamin, but still.

I also need to tighten the reins in other areas. I’ve been thinking my sugar binges are because sugar begets sugar (the more you eat, the more you want), but recent mornings have opened my eyes. Now I think part of the reason I’ve been eating so much sugar is because I am freaking tired; sugar is just the only thing I feel bad about eating, so I notice it more. So if I sleep more, I’ll snack less — sugar or no sugar.

It’s all connected. So I need to have a little more discipline on all fronts.


*Because I am breastfeeding, and know from past experience that I need at least 1800 calories a day to make milk, I am not adhering to the calorie count SparkPeople gives me. I mentally add calories to the number, and have found myself making healthier choices to stay within a certain range of the adjusted figure…but if I am still hungry after meeting the calorie limit for the day, I eat.


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