Right now

I am short on time and writing topics, but determined to keep this — my one resolution that remains unbroken — blog post streak going.

So I am stealing this idea — even the post title! — from Gin and Lemonade. (Hope you don’t mind, LKD. ;)


  • Anya’s new fashion kick. Kid dresses to the nines every. single. day.
  • Kai’s progression to walking. He has been doing squats, with and without a toy in his hands, and does what I call a monkey crawl — he walks on all fours rather than on his hands and knees. Over the weekend, he took his first steps, but still isn’t steady. So he takes a few steps, applauds himself, then crawls to his destination.
  • Kai’s ever-increasing communication skills. He doesn’t really talk yet, but he’s starting to use signs and gestures and babble to get his point across. (The jury is still out regarding whether his head shakes actually mean no. My thinking? They do on occasion.)
  • Anya’s growing maturity. She’s still part toddler, but I’m seeing more and more glimpses of the little girl she is becoming. And she is amazing.


  • Aside from kid books, work, and the occasional blog…er, nothing at the moment. :(
  • I did read this great article about a guy from my hometown. (Seriously, go read that. It’s amazing.)


  • Battle Creek. Love that show. Why did they cancel it?

Listening to:

Working on: 

  • The March issue of a publication I edit.
  • Still working on a book in my head. But that doesn’t really count.


  • Valentine’s Day, and the first birthday/31st birthday of my boys.

Making me happy:

  • Watching my kids shake their tushies to the songs in The Lorax.
  • Kevin Smith




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