Welcome to the oatmeal

No, not The Oatmeal. Though I love that site. No, I mean this oatmeal.


Made a batch in the crockpot yesterday. It’s…different. (Ha – can you tell I’m from Illinois?) Chewier and chunkier and more slimy than rolled oats. I think I might prefer these in cookies, honestly.

I’ve been hearing about steel-cut oats for a while now. Haven’t tried them (aside from the aforementioned cookies) because I couldn’t really see what the difference could possibly be in terms of my lactation (oats is oats, right?), and I found the rolled variety sufficiently filling. Or so I thought.

But the difference it made in my appetite is truly amazing. I’ve been all eat ALL the things because I’m breastfeeding, which is frustrating to me because eating is not one of my favorite activities. I’m tired of eating. No matter what I eat, my body burns it off like cotton candy and demands more food in an hour or so.

Until this stuff. I had a bowl at 9 a.m., and honestly didn’t truly get hungry for the rest of the day. I ate lunch and dinner, and even a small snack, but my hunger at those times was very mild. I ate less food and smaller portions, and was completely satisfied.

And the milk! I became engorged for the first time since…well, it’s been months. Kai couldn’t even finish it all.

For the record, all I put in these oats was some flaxseed meal, pumpkin pie spice, and brown sugar. No fenugreek, brewer’s yeast, nutritional yeast…nothing.

So I’m in. I’ll give this stuff a week or so. Maybe I will learn to like the chewyslime. Maybe I will give up and make bars out of the rest. But I am a true believer in steel-cut oats now.


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