Crafty goodness

Anya and I have been hard at work making…well, all sorts of things. It’s kept us busy, given us something to do together (and, more importantly, without Daddy or Kai), and occupied several cold winter nights.

First up: The vase. (“My pot,” Anya’s called it.) It started out dark and birdy, and now is more like a shimmery sky.


I also made a floral arrangement for my office, using a bowl that has great sentimental value to me in addition to being pretty (it came with an arrangement R bought for me when I was pregnant with Anya). It now lives right above my desk, so I see it out of the corner of my eye all day long. It makes me so happy.


I’ve been behind on my photo printing/framing, so I did a bit of that. (I also touched up the paint on these frames and glued them together; they were originally separate frames from the dollar bin at Target.)


In addition, I helped Anya make a couple of butterflies to hang on her bedroom wall.


We had so much fun with the clay, we decided to make some jewelry.


She really enjoys painting, so I bought her this little storage box to customize. (Yes, so she’d leave my blue vase alone.) She’s painted the insides of a couple of drawers so far.


Not a craft, per se, but I took another impression of Kai’s foot to replace the footprint ornament I made before Christmas that didn’t turn out so well.


I was going to make a centerpiece for the table, but couldn’t find any silk flowers that really excited me. Anya talked me into buying these when I was shopping for the greenery for the bird vase, and I popped them in a pink (everything has to be pink for Anya) vase we had rattling around under the sink. And…it kind of works for me. Very spring-y. I’m not really a daisy fan, but these definitely suit my girl.


Oh, and we also made bird feeders using this recipe, but the photo didn’t turn out so well. Just know that ours aren’t as pretty as theirs. And so far, the birds aren’t biting. But they were fun to make, so we will likely make them again. (We might as well…we have gobs of gelatin and birdseed left.) I’ll try my best to take better photos next time!

I’m really enjoying making things again. So is Anya – and it’s been a great exercise in learning for her. She’s been so resistant to learning new things that I’ve been worried about what will happen when she starts school. It’s not that she doesn’t like learning; it’s that she is afraid of failure. I’ve been trying to find ways to sneak it past her, so she can see that learning is fun and that she’s good at it.

Also, it’s nice to put some focus on pretty things for a change. Life’s more than just bills and food, after all.


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