Things I don’t have time for

Usually I ignore questions at the end of blog posts. I know they are trying to open a dialog, and I don’t dialog well under the best of circumstances. In blog comments (also Facebook post comments, and…well, Twitter), a response opens you up to replies from hundreds of perfect strangers, which is overwhelming as hell to me. So I say nothing.

But this prompt, from, got me to thinking. It dovetails nicely with my current mindset of setting goals and streamlining my life. Also, it’s easy, and fun.

Plus, I’m all out of scheduled posts, and need something simple to cut my teeth on for my first WordPress post. So…here we go.

Ten* Things I Don’t Have Time For

  1. Responding to questions on blogs, FB groups/public pages, and Twitter
  2. Coloring my hair. Also cutting my hair, drying my hair, styling my hair. You know, let’s just say “my hair” and leave it at that. (I do wash it every day, though.)
  3. My allergies. And colds. Illness in general. I used to get sad when I got sick; now I just get angry. Who has time for that?
  4. Autocorrect.
  5. The post-cooking wait time in recipes. You let your pizza sit five minutes before cutting. I’ve been waiting since we turned the oven on — cut that thing up and give me a slice already.
  6. Videos on the internet. I’ve complained about this before, so I will spare you the rant.
  7. Blog posts that are basically reposts of prior content, in the name of maintaining a posting schedule.**
  8. Live television. Once you go Netflix, you never go back.
  9. Websites that break everything into slideshows. Don’t make me click 12 times to read six paragraphs. I won’t.
  10. Pretty much everything I cared about before I had kids. For better or worse.

*Totally arbitrary number because the internet eats that stuff up.
**This does not include new posts on an old topic, or posts that inadvertently reiterate a previously made point. Because I can’t be expected to remember everything I’ve ever said, right?


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