Impromptu cleaning day

R overslept Saturday and missed work. Which means I had a helper, and got way more cleaning done than I had hoped.
Which was good, because it turns out there was mold growing on our windowsills. Not just mildew. Mold. Green, slimy, yucky….yeuggh.
The hives, the congestion, the repeated sinus issues, my red eyes — it’s all making sense. Especially since the worst rooms were the bedroom and my office.
So we scrubbed and washed and sprayed everything with mold control spray. I was still stuffy the next morning, but am hoping this helps.
I also cleared out some of the knick-knacks from the bedroom, to make it easier to dust in there. I had almost all of them put away anyway, but I have since put up the rest. And I washed up the curtains, pillows, and other infrequently cleaned things, just for grins. I still have Anya’s room and the kitchen to go, but the house is in pretty good shape otherwise.
Dealing with my allergies is a top priority this year. Not just for me, but for my kids, as it seems they have each inherited at least some of my sensitivities. I don’t want them to go through what I have. I want to get a handle on things early, so they don’t spend half their lives sick.

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