Welcome to the doldrums

Anya is bored. Never mind that Santa lavished her with gifts not quite a month ago, and that Mimi the Good keeps giving her additional “prizes” for things like breathing and smiling. No material thing is going to do; she wants to play with someone.

In a year or so, Kai will do nicely, but right now he’s a baby. He’s cute, but not the best playmate. Her friends are older, and thus in school. I have to work. Mimi and Poppy are at the doctor’s office. And Daddy is cleaning up the carnage in the kitchen.

Usually I am good at coming up with things to alleviate her boredom, but I still have the Benadryl Stupids. My rash is better, but better is not gone, and I’m starting to break the skin where I scratch. So, Benadryl. I’m only taking a dose or two a day, but that’s enough to knock my IQ back 50 points.

I am also highly lacking in motivation. Christmas is easy; there’s always something fun to do or look forward to. January is more about hunkering down under a blanket and watching Netflix. Anya is tired of Netflix. (I know!) And my brain is sputtering. I’m trying to come up with a fun activity for a 4-year-old that doesn’t involve leaving the house, but what sounds most fun to me is a warm bed and a long nap.

I’ve been trying to talk her into taking a dance class, both to help her make friends and to give her something to look forward to, but she is resisting thus far. She wants to take swimming lessons. Which don’t start until April, and are thus no help in these doldrums.


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