Itchy scratchy

My allergist decided against testing for food allergies right now. Which I’m fine with; I wasn’t really looking forward to that, and I’m not sure what they could give me if they triggered an allergic reaction during testing.

By the same token, though, I still don’t know what caused my reaction last Friday, so I am still afraid to eat.

I’m also itchy. The rash has abated considerably, and applications of Vanicream and hydrocortisone cream are keeping the itching in check, but it’s not gone. I’m taking Benadryl when it gets unbearable; so far I have not noticed any ill effects on my supply, but Kai seems to be kind of spacey after I take it, so I’m not taking any more than I have to.

I’ll be checking back in with my allergist Friday, and treatment will proceed from there. I can say I am extra motivated to resume shots now; it’s kind of a pain to have to drive out there every week, but being sick is more of a pain.

In the meantime, I’m concentrating on cleaning my house and (slowly, carefully) testing the suspect foods to see if I react again.


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