One size does not fit all

Contrary to the heading above, this is not about clothing. See, I told you I suck at titles.

No, this is about advice. I have tried to steer clear of railing at the advice heaped upon me (and every other parent alive) through various outlets because it’s been done to death. I’m in the throes of it, and I bore myself mid-rant.

However, I would like to make a small exception for brewer’s yeast.

I’ve mentioned my supply issues. (Yes, Lactation Hotline Lady, I have supply issues. Really. Relaxing and drinking more water and pumping on a schedule are not magic bullets.) I was trucking along pretty good on my OMG Oatmeal diet, though, until the Great Stomach Plague hit. I’ve recovered physically, and don’t appear as…deflated, but I’m still not up to where I was. I’m pretty much doing all I can, food and supplement wise, to increase my supply; the only thing I do not consume on a regular basis is brewer’s yeast. So this weekend, I made lactation cookies.

Normally, I shun lactation cookies. Because they’re cookies, and who needs that much sugar? But I just can’t do brewer’s yeast in juice or oatmeal; mixing it with massive amounts of sweetener is the only way I can stomach it. Cookies it is. Two dozen cookies.

I’m not sure I can eat them.

They taste okay. If you like beer in your oatmeal cookies, which I do not. But I am a big girl — I can deal. They don’t make me gag like brewer’s yeast in juice, at any rate.

But the side effects. Oh, my. Migraines and diarrhea and gas and nausea. It’s a hangover. I feel like I drank the beer itself. With very little excess milk to show for my pain.

That’s just not fair. I should at least be milked up.

Much as I hate to waste food, I am seriously considering chucking those cookies. I just don’t think I can face feeling hungover for the next 2 to 4 weeks.

And I’m going to start taking these “universal truths” with a grain of salt. What works for other people does not necessarily work for me.


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