Five minutes

One goal I have for myself in the coming year is to make more time for self care. To start, I am promising myself 5 minutes a day. In that 5 minutes, I can:

  • Meditate for 2 minutes
  • Plank for 60 seconds 
  • Do 2-4 yoga poses 

It’s not much, I know. But I’ve had trouble making time for a 10-minute meditation or 30 minutes of yoga. I can always squeeze in 5 minutes.

I know from past experience that just 60 seconds of planking a day makes a serious difference in my core strength. I imagine that I will see equally impressive results with 2 minutes of meditation and yoga if I stick with them.

And as I get better about upholding that 5-minute promise, I can extend it to 10, then 15, then 20. From small things, big things grow.


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