What I want (the 2016 edition)

I want to get back in shape. In some ways, I am already in shape — at the very least, I can lift and carry way more than I ever could. And thanks to the pounds I lost to the stomach flu, I can see that yes, there are still abs in there under the loose skin. But there are refinements to be made, certainly. Also, much of what I need to accomplish is maintenance; if I do not exercise regularly, my old injuries flare up. So I need to make time for yoga, for planks, for walks. If I can get my allergies under control, I may even give running another shot.

I want to get my allergies under control. Resume immunotherapy, keep the house cleaner, buy a dehumidifier. I am tired of my itchy eyes and runny nose, tired of feeling bad so much of the time.
I want to feel better. I want to get enough sleep and eat better food and meditate. I don’t like the cranky person I have become of late. I want to be a better me.
Because I want to do more. So much of my daily activity is…mundane. Not the kind of stuff I’m going to lay on my deathbed and think, “My gosh, I am so glad I kept my kitchen floor so clean all those years!” I want to write more. Practice graphic design more — I’ve been doing some design for my day job and finding I have really, really missed it. I’ve also been designing jewelry in my head; I’d like to make at least some of it. 
There are other things on my 2016 list. Things like scaling back my debt. But while it is a high priority and I am especially motivated, it’s not an interesting goal. Not to me, anyway. It’s about hard work and discipline and curbing thoughtless spending. So don’t expect blog entries on it, because while it needs to get done, it doesn’t exactly melt my butter.
Now, the things I can do once my debt is under control…that is a different story. But those are off on the horizon. I’m trying to rein myself in on the long-term focus. I don’t want to get so caught up in 5 years from now that I miss today.

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