You call this wonderful?

Don’t get me wrong; I love Christmas. Everything about it — food, presents, lights, music, silly shirts, jingly jewelry, overdecorated everything. I love the cold weather and snow that we never get here. (Still not crazy about the cold, foggy drizzle that usually takes its place.) Peace on Earth, goodwill…bring it. I am down.

But I am noticing that I get really frickin’ grumpy right before Christmas.

I’m not sure why. Am I stretching myself too thin? Perhaps. Is it because we all seem to spend the holidays sick? Could be. But it also seems that everyone around me gets really damn critical of me around the holidays, as well. And I don’t deal well with that when I feel like crap, my kids are sick, and I am stretched too thin.

I had hopes for this year, but it looks like things won’t be any different. Damn it.

Know what I want for Christmas? For everyone to get off my back already. I am doing the best I can here.


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