Ups and downs

The weekend started well. A great breastfeeding photo session, with a photographer I really clicked with. Anya had a great time at her friend’s birthday party. We had dinner with Mimi and shopped a little.
Early Sunday morning, Anya started vomiting. Poor girl was sick all day, and puked hard enough to develop petechiae. Today I took her to the doctor just to make sure her lingering cough wasn’t somehow to blame. Just a bug, it turns out.
Kai has been crabby and clingy; teething is my guess. Anya is alternately crabby and lovey. And select other family members have been grating on my nerves. I am in no mood to deal with outbursts and criticisms. The longer it goes on, the more irritable I become.
I’m past pissy, and nigh on to bitchy.
But this evening, I did finally complete my Christmas shopping. My girl can keep some food down. My baby is asleep on my breast. So there is some light in my evening.

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