Love and money

Couples often fight about money. It’s been an issue in past relationships for me, so I understand. For instance, that was the main reason offered up to me by my wasband when we had a pregnancy scare and he asked me to consider abortion. He didn’t want the child cutting into his spending money. (I wasn’t pregnant, so it turned out to be a nonissue. And a year later, I wasn’t married anymore, either.)

I’ve never been in a relationship in which my partner and I saw eye-to-eye about money. But with one brief exception, I’ve always had my own money, so it’s not been as big an issue for me as it is for some. And in my current relationship, I have what may be the perfect scenario: I make the lion’s share of the money, and my partner is more frugal than I am. (In most ways, anyway.) That means I get to make most of the big financial decisions, and don’t have to rein him in much. We have had some silly arguments, mostly about how long leftovers are still good (I would never, ever bring home fries from a restaurant to eat later, for instance, and consider most refrigerated leftovers contaminated after three days). But for the most part, he trusts my judgement and doesn’t blow my budget.

Now if we just had a little more money, we’d be in good shape. But who doesn’t think that?

I won’t say we don’t fight. We do. Just not about money. It’s…nice.


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