A long December

So it’s December. Where my life usually veers wildly out of control. A poorly balanced diet and erratic bedtimes and extra freelancing and holiday-related craziness. This is the month that I send the rent check late and oversleep and totally forget important appointments. It’s only the beginning of the month, and I am already dragging.

Our bootcamp theme this month is “Wrapping up 2015 with Great Balance and Poise.” I’ve not done yoga once this month. Haven’t meditated in weeks. Other than the walk I took on Thanksgiving, the only exercise I’ve gotten recently has been shopping. And shopping with my daughter is not the greatest example of my poise. (Especially when she runs off and hides in the clothes racks.)

In a way, I am glad for the disintegration of my routine. It usually means I slide into January head first, begging for some structure to my life. I hit the ground running January 2, and uphold my resolutions faithfully…oh, until March or so. But some of them do stick, so it’s not a completely wasted effort.

For this month’s bootcamp goals, I’m knocking out a lot of holiday-related tasks, but also looking ahead to those resolutions. My big three (exercise more, sleep more, eat better) will of course be on there. And working on my debt — that’s a biggie. But more and more, I’m beginning to realize that I need to rein in my gaze. Instead of always looking out ahead of me, I need to look at the ground I’m standing on. Make more time to do special things with the kids, even if it’s just a walk to the local playground. Put a little more effort into making the house look nice; Anya can’t stop talking about “Anya’s beautiful house” since we’ve put up the Christmas decorations. Find a way to add a little more peace to my days.

It’s so easy to hop on the work treadmill and fix my gaze on the horizon — buying a house, getting a larger vehicle, getting married (yes, that is on my radar, though not an immediate goal). Plow through the days and weeks and months with little thought beyond my long-term goals. But the process of achieving those goals will be far more pleasant if I spend a little effort on the here and now. I just need to figure out how I want to go about doing that.


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