On transparency

This is stupid, but travel discount websites annoy me. Deep down, I think there should be one price for things. I don’t have issues with standard discounts, like AARP, but otherwise I think things like room rates and airfare should be the same no matter where you pay for them.

See, I told you it was stupid. “No, I don’t want to save money! Please charge me more!” But I don’t understand why you pay one rate for a hotel room on their own site and another on a different site. It’s the same room. What does it cost for me to stay in it for a night? If I can’t afford that, I will stay somewhere else.

I feel the same way, incidentally, about haggling. I can’t even be in the room with someone when they are haggling. It makes me queasy.

Store sales and coupons make me feel manipulated, but at least I don’t have to go to a third party to take advantage of them. That part makes zero sense to me.

Secret menus also bug me, though not as much. I just kind of feel like all available options should be on the menu.

Yes, I realize I have issues.


2 thoughts on “On transparency

  1. I agree with you about the room rates. The big reason for us joining AARP was for the discount, and we should not have to do that. I love to haggle, and we do use coupons, especially the Kroger digital.


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