Nobody said anything about four

I’d been warned about the Terrible Twos. And how they become the Trying Threes. Nobody prepared me for when the Twos started around 18 months, though. And no one bothered to mention that the Threes would last til 5, but that looks like the card I drew. Welcome to the Feisty Fours.

Initially, I blamed this behavior on the new world order. This year has been eventful — new baby, Mimi’s illnesses, Daddy going back to work — and it’s understandable that she’d act up. But she seems to have adapted to (and even embraced) her baby brother. Mimi’s rheumatoid arthritis, and her weakened immune system due to the treatment, take a bit more getting used to…but she’s doing okay with that. Her nightmares have slowed, at any rate. And she’s even adjusted to Daddy “popping out of bed” (believe me, the man does not pop) at 4 a.m.

But she is still ornery as hell. Independent and bull-headed and bossy and aggravating. Some days, she is my sweet, loving, helpful daughter. Others, I truly worry that her teens will be the death of me. They warn you about the teens. Nobody says anything about 4.

I really hope 5 is better. I could use a little breather before Kai turns 2.


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