So…yesterday was Monday

And there was no blog post. Oops. This weekend was…ugh. Anya has been in Purple Minion mode, which means I was tearing my hair out by Sunday night. I totally forgot about the blog until just now.

Don’t feel bad. I also forgot my flu shot. For which I’d even made an appointment. Things fall through the cracks when the Purple Minion comes to visit.

But my garage is cleaner now. I can park my car in it. We even bought a garage door remote that doesn’t require reassembly to use. (The old one got dropped a couple times. It did not take kindly to being dropped.) So while the car is still leaking and moldy, at least it won’t get more moldy while we figure out where the leak is. That’s a load off.

Now I just need to figure out why Kai is nursing half the night, so I can get some sleep and get back to my 5:30 wake-ups.

And hope that the Purple Minion’s stay is a short one. I miss my sweet girl.


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