Do all the things!

Though my projects this month haven’t necessarily been creative, and I have had damn good reasons for not accomplishing all I set out to do, I still feel like this right now:

I haven’t been able to keep up with my webcomics, but I still heart Toothpaste for Dinner.

That green bit? That’s this week. I have probably doomed us to fail with my overplanning, in fact. But sometimes, things go right. So here is the agenda:

  • Tuesday: Hair cuts (though no color…I will just have to be sparkly rooted in our family pics) for Anya and I, also a quick shopping trip 
  • Wednesday: Corn maze if it’s not too muddy; pumpkin carving if it is
  • Thursday: Flu vacs for the kids; family pics
  • Friday: Corn maze if Wednesday was too muddy and the kids don’t feel yucky; pumpkin carving otherwise
  • Saturday: Cleaning; shopping for Poppy’s birthday present; trick or treat; Halloween festival

Also, somewhere in there I will put in a few hours of editing for one of my clients. In addition, I will be starting my day job an hour early and taking short lunches to make up time for Monday’s visit with Kai (I thought he might have an ear infection, but was just being paranoid :) and Thursday’s shots.

So yoga might not be happening this week, either. I will have to work on that in November.

And the meditation. I only managed to squeeze in a couple of sessions all month.

I have kept the house relatively clean, though. And kept up with the blogging. I also may very well meet my (modest) step goal. Not all of the plates hit the floor. Just…most of them.

So this week will be crazy. And for what I do not accomplish, there is always next month.


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