Speaking of the passage of time

So I just realized two things:
  • I will need reading glasses, sooner rather than later. Not just for reading 4-pt type on an iPad. (You’re so jealous of my job right now, I know.)
  • My preschooler, who is unusually silent, is not hammering pushpins into the wall or flooding the bathroom or coating the fridge with lip balm,* but is instead calmly listening to music with headphones on.
I’m old.
It’s a weird feeling, seeing evidence that I am getting older. I honestly felt older at 25. I’m in better shape now, and better health. I’m more emotionally stable (except for the weird Mom-crying at every bad thing everywhere). Sadly, I’m not more financially stable, but that’s what taking maternity leave in the US does to ya. Most of all, I am far more hopeful about the future. In my 20s, the future was uncertain and scary. It’s no less certain now, but it looks like a lot more fun.
Kids age you, yes, but they also make the years more enjoyable.
As for me, I have never really had a problem with my aging. I had to explain to R the other day a set of candles we saw that said “29 again?” — like me, he can’t imagine wanting to be 29 more than once. I had no problem turning 30, or 40. However, I do think I will milk 42 for all it is worth. Mom did; it was her favorite age. And it is the Answer to the Ultimate Question, after all.** So while I am anticipating the future, I need to start making plans for ways to celebrate my 42nd year on the planet.

Speaking of birthdays, it’s my mom’s birthday today.*** Happy birthday, Mom!

*Not random, fictitious examples.
**Yes, I am one of those people.
***She’s moved on from 42; she is now happily 66, and ready to retire.

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