It’s doctor week, apparently

I’m still sick. I never did hear back from the hospital LC, so I called my gyno again. The nurse said no to everything but the Flonase. The decongestant will kill my supply, she said. The antibiotic is just bad news.


Before I could deal with that, Anya came in dripping green goo from her nose. So I made an appointment for her with the pediatrician. I don’t think she feels too bad — certainly not as bad as I feel — but she’s the kind of kid who will tell me she feels fine when she’s on death’s doorstep, and I am not taking chances.

She runs laps for fun. While sick.

The pediatrician says she’s not sure Anya has an infection; she doesn’t see any green mucus in her nose. But she gives me a prescription in case Anya doesn’t kick the goo in a few days. (Love our doctor.)

But. (There is always a damn but.) Anya has a nasal polyp. Apparently new, since she didn’t have it at her 4-year checkup in August. It’s not blocking her airway, but we’re still taking her to the ENT to get it checked out. I’m waiting to hear back from their office now.

While we were in the pediatrician’s office, I asked her about my prescriptions. She, too, shot down the antibiotic, and advised against the decongestant. The nasal spray, she said, was fine. I asked her what antibiotic I can take. She recommended a Z-pack. Which is what I told the walk-in clinic nurse I normally take anyway.

Fine. Okay. I can’t call the clinic and ask for a new prescription; I can only contact the clinic tech support online, and they can have the nurse call me. Which will likely take 24 hours. (Yes, I know from experience.) Or I can try to get an appointment with a “real” doctor. Which I don’t have, because I always get sick when doctors are too busy to take on new patients.

I decided to take my chances with an MD. And got an appointment! For today, even! Should be an easy visit for him; I already have a diagnosis, and a recommended antibiotic. All he has to do is figure out how to ease my sinus congestion without killing my milk supply. (I am a little worried the words “neti pot” will be uttered. But at this point, I might even try the stupid thing.)


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