Avoiding derailment

Earlier this week, Kai woke up with a runny nose. Unlike the rest of the household, he’s a bit young for respiratory allergies, so this pretty much meant one thing: He caught a cold. Probably from that restaurant table he licked last weekend.


One sick kid isn’t too big a deal. My kids don’t let a little thing like a head cold get them down. It’s knowing that we’ll all be sick before the week is out that gets me.

Anya was next on the list. Before the end of Kai’s first day, her nose was running. By the third day, so was mine. Now R is sick, as well.

Kai and Anya are on the mend, but I can’t take anything and R starts his new job tomorrow. So this weekend is going to suck. I’ve laid in a stock of easy foods (and comfort foods), but nothing changes the fact that I will probably feel like crap all weekend while watching two (well) kids by myself.

I had such momentum going, too. We were going to go on a nature walk this weekend, collect some pretty leaves, and make something with them.

I hate the way these things derail my plans. I want to figure out a way to avoid them, or minimize the impact. Something. I hate losing whole weeks to family illness. Who has time for that?

I understand that getting sick is good for them. It builds their immune systems. And really, the only way I could prevent them getting sick any more than I do now is if I quarantined them to the house…and what kind of a life is that?

So…here’s hoping R and I kick this cold as quickly as they did. We have things to do.


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