Something to work toward

I remember summer vacations as a child. They were boring as hell. I used to set myself a schedule just to give myself something to do.

8:00 Get up (yes, I set an alarm on summer vacation)
8:30 Eat
9:00 Shower

I would schedule which game shows to watch, riding my bike to the post office to get the mail, lunch with a similarly bored friend, things like that. Nothing pressing, enriching, lasting. Just killing time.

I loved being free of the rigid schedule of the school year, but I needed something to look forward to. Three months of nothingness wore on me.

It took me a ridiculously long time to realize that what I need is not structure, but goals. Something to work toward. Which is nice, because there is no end to the things I would like to do in this life. I will never run out of goals. How cool is that?

I used to avoid trying things I thought were beyond me, until I realized that I gain far more satisfaction from improving at something I formerly sucked at than maintaining a stellar track record at something that comes easily to me.

In that vein, here are some things I would like to accomplish. No time limits; I’ll do them when I do them. The fun is in the trying.

– Learn to draw
– Jog a mile
– Do a proper cobra pose (I could before the c-sections, but no longer)
– Learn to play drums
– Visit more national landmarks (Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone, the Liberty Bell, etc.)
– Shop local farmer’s markets
– Own my own home
– Get a bike; use it

See? I do think about things other than my kids sometimes.


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