My housecleaning efforts are largely an effort to control the tide of hair.

I have long hair again. During the Great Postpartum Shorning of 2011/2012, I donated a total of 20 inches to Locks of Love. (Two donations; my hair was long, but not that long.) My hair now reaches the middle of my back again. And as I have mentioned, I’m in the postpartum shed phase; I leave great hairballs in the shower, and R has to unclog the bathroom sink every other month. 
Mild tangent: My hairstylist (shout out to Susan Harris, a goddess among stylists, who truly gets my hair) really outdid herself this time. I haven’t had a trim since early March, and am only now starting to look shaggy. And I’m not even sure if it’s because my ends are getting raggy or if it’s because I’m starting to replace some of the hair that’s fallen out; no matter where I part my hair, I have these spiky little duck fuzz sprouts along the part. Either way, not bad for 6 months. Time for a touch-up, though.
R’s hair is also to the middle of his back. And he’s balding. (Sorry, babe.) He used to leave 3-4 hairs in the drain catcher, which I could see if I tilted my head and squinted. (He has baby fine blonde hair.) Now he’s leaving a visible pile. Not so bad in the shower, but I’m vacuuming up wads of it from the floor. And picking hairs off the baby constantly.
Anya has the longest hair of all — it’s down to her waist, and crazy thick. She doesn’t lose hair like we do, but she still contributes to the mess. I almost had her talked into getting it trimmed, but she got cold feet at the last minute. 
So yeah…we’re hairy.
Haircuts are, as you’ve probably guessed, infrequent around here. I trim my bangs and Anya’s bangs once a month. (R has no bangs. I trim his hair maybe once a year.) I go to the salon once or twice a year to get my ends evened up, but I’m the only one.
And now I have a son. I do not intend for him to be a long-haired toddler. (Can you imagine the hair we’d have then? No, thank you.) But I know the limits of my hair-cutting ability; I have made more than one boyfriend look silly. I can trim bangs, and I can cut long, all-one-length hair, That’s pretty much it. So I am going to have to find a pediatric hair stylist at some point.
At least Kai’s hair grows more slowly than his sister’s. I’d already trimmed her bangs by the time she was his age.

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