Waste not, judge not

I’m currently putting out feelers to try to find someplace to donate Kai’s old diapers and the powdered formula that formula companies always manage to foist upon you when you are pregnant. I hate to just throw these things out, because I know in my heart that there are moms out there that desperately need them. But I don’t know how to get them into their hands. Hopefully I will make contact with a group or organization that can help.

And if that organization can manage to do so without passing judgement on the moms, more the better. The web sites and resource lists I’ve come across so far make me sick. Making moms prove they need help…making them take classes to earn diapers and baby needs.

What. the. everloving. F.

I am seriously considering starting my own damn charity. One where you don’t have to do anything to get help but ask. One with no minimum age requirements for the mothers. (Again, whisky tango foxtrot!) Because the person you’re really punishing by withholding charity is the baby. And no matter what you think of the mother’s situation and choices, the baby had nothing to do with it.



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