Running on empty

I’ve worked at least 8 hours a day for the past seven days, and will likely work 10ish per day for the next five.

My air conditioner broke down Saturday, and it took two days to get it looked at. It’s still not fixed, either. Hopefully tomorrow.

I went under again this month. And my taller half worked another short weekend.

My daughter has been…well, a spoiled brat since spending the weekend with her grandparents. As an only child, I do not use those words lightly. I thought the “terrible” was supposed to end at 3.

My back hurts, my head hurts, my hands and wrists ache. Bad enough to wear this thing.

In this heat.

My sinuses are clogged from having the fans going 24/7, and of course I can’t take anything for that.

I have had zero time to myself in days; I tried to sneak in a self-pity cry while showering last night, and even that was interrupted.

It’s been one long effing week, and this one isn’t looking any better from the front end.

I’m outta mojo, steam, happy thoughts…whatever you use to carry you through times like this. And none of the usual tricks are bringing it back. (Well, I haven’t tried going for a walk. If I can’t have a quick shower ugly cry, I certainly can’t go for a walk.)

Times like this are the ones that make me miss having friends I actually see from time to time. Typing at people is great and all, but I could probably do with the occasional cuppa with some one sympathetic.

Preferably somewhere air conditioned.


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