Hello, growth spurt

I have been working on several projects, big and small, since my last post — but mostly I have been breastfeeding. My stormy boy is going through one heck of a growth spurt. The other day, I nursed him every half hour for 24 hours straight. I started taking fenugreek just to keep up.

I’m nursing right now, in fact. Even though he just ate 20 minutes ago.

The human body is amazing. I can nurse him for hours, then pump til I am dry; all it takes to start the flow anew is one squawk from him. I was at the dentist yesterday, and the hygienist asked what my kids’ names were. I told her, and bam! — instant pins-and-needles boobs. Just saying their names.

I love breastfeeding, though. No bottles to lug around; no bottle warmer to fumble with at 4 a.m. Even pumping isn’t so bad now that I have the right gear: an electric pump (thanks, Obama!), steam bags, milk storage bags, and a spare set of pump parts. All I need to keep things rolling once I start work again is a pumping bra; working from home means I can multitask, and multitask I shall.

All this milk production seriously wears on you — that’s what people fail to mention. I’ve been sleeping crazy long hours as a result. But I think dehydration might be a factor. I put a glass of water at my bedside last night, which I drank immediately upon waking today. Today was the first day all week I did not nap, so perhaps I am on to something here. I hope so; in a few weeks, there will be no more naps.

Man, I do not want to go back to work. Not yet. I am enjoying this time with my kids too much. Oh, well.

Anyway, now that I am getting a handle on the little man’s appetite, there will be more posts in the days to come.


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