Mini project: Flower vase

Quick little project, inspired by the realization that the candy bottle looks like a little vase.

Candy Bottle Vase
One empty candy sprinkles bottle
Craft paint
Paper towel

I removed the label (vegetable oil works great for this) and scrubbed the bottle well. Once it dried, I poured some craft paint inside it and rolled it around to evenly coat the interior. I then balanced it upside down on two toothpicks placed on a folded paper towel and set it aside for a couple of days to dry.

Anya was impatient to see the finished product, so I did not go through with the additional steps I had planned (coating the painted interior with a top coat, gluing a ribbon around the threads at the bottle’s neck); I just popped the flowers in the painted jar and called it done. If we do another, I will finish it properly.


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