The trouble with being an introverted parent

Toddler is off with her grandparents for an evening of pizza, Easter Bunny photo ops, and being a mallrat (which at her age means hitting the play area, riding the train, and getting a cookie the size of her head adorned with twice its weight in frosting). Daddy is off having a belated birthday dinner with his father, having been too busy welcoming his own son into the world to celebrate his actual birthday. It took me forever to get them both out of here.

Mommy come too?

You sure you don’t want to come?

Yes, quite. I just want to eat cheese and crackers and fun-sized Mounds in bed while binge-watching Bones. Wash a load or two of clothes. Snuggle with my baby without anyone getting jealous. And I really want to not talk for a few hours…that sounds like heaven.

It really doesn’t take much to make me happy. It’s just that they are things that are hard to come by as a parent.


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