Radio silence

I’m not good at ignoring the elephant in the room. Or small talk, both the in-person kind and the bloggery kind. I find silence easier than pointless nattering. So I haven’t updated this blog in nearly a month.

This happened with my last blog, too. For the same reason, it turns out.

I’m pregnant.

This information isn’t exactly public yet. But I figure the five of you reading this can keep it on the d/l.

The reason it’s not public is because I’m worried it won’t stick. I’ve had a heck of a time getting to this point. We were going to start trying in January…and then I missed three periods. It’s hard to make a baby if you don’t have menstrual cycles; ovulation is kind of required.

They gave me something to start me, and we tried again. Chemical pregnancy. Then another. And for a while, it looked like this would be number 3: two pregnancy tests, both negative. But I didn’t start, either, so I tried one more test. Then ran out and bought another box just to be on the safe side. (These tests are still sitting on top of my medicine cabinet. I can’t bring myself to throw them away, gross as that sounds. I worked too hard to get those results.)

This past Friday, I confirmed with my OB/GYN: There is definitely a passenger in my abdomen.

We’re being extra cautious because, including the two miscarriages I had before I got pregnant with my daughter, I’ve had six pregnancies. That’s not a stellar success rate. So I get the impression I’m going to see a lot of my doctor this time around, at least in the beginning.

Anyway, now you know why I haven’t been posting. I’ve been a little preoccupied. Sorry about that.


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