Making a home

For several reasons, money not the least among them, I’ve done little in the way of turning our current house into a home. I was in my last apartment for 10 years. I had plenty of time to get things just as I wanted them. Here…well, I’m doing good to stay on top of the laundry and dishes. Even when we clean, it usually only stays clean for about 5 minutes. It’s not shocking, then, that decorating just hasn’t happened.

The bad part is that I only spent a third of my waking hours in my apartment. I spend all of them here. And the room in which I spend the most time, my office, has received the least amount of attention. (The room that has received the most is my daughter’s. She occasionally plays in there, and every now and then she sleeps in her own bed. But it looks great.)

Though we do eventually want to buy a house, we plan on being in this one for a few years yet. I would enjoy those years more if we put some effort into making this place a home. I’ve started by working on the common areas (kitchen, living room, bathroom, hall), but it occurs to me that I should not skimp on “my” room–this office. Partly because I tend to ignore my own needs in favor of everyone else’s. And partly because, deep down, I know neither of my housemates care about this as much as I do.

So I’m using my Pinterest account for the first time since I created it nearly 3 years ago. And am open to suggestions for good design idea boards, if you have any.


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