I need some.

I feel like I’m being pulled in a thousand different directions. I have all these things I’m trying to accomplish, and my efforts to organize and streamline my efforts just seem to be creating more work.

Like this blog. I’ve been wanting to write more. I joined Cowbird, but don’t have time to do the level of thinking required to write entries to my own satisfaction. I tweet, mostly because I love the challenge of keeping posts to 140 characters or less. I participate in other social media. But there’s no site that I can point to and say “That’s all me. This is my work. These are my thoughts, my projects.” So I created this blog. Whether I can  keep it up to date remains to be seen; I’m falling down on the projects I have going already.

I’m not sure what I’ll put here. I have a site I go to for updates on my ongoing goals and projects. I may move some of that here, but I’d like to keep using that other site — I go way back with it, and I love the community there. I don’t see myself doing a diary site; I got bored with LJ too quickly. And I don’t have a specific topic in mind, like my endo blog. I have too many interests these days to focus on just one.

I have a vague idea that this blog will be part mommy blog (I waited a long time to have a kid, and she’s the center of my universe — deal), part Happiness Project, part ramblings too long for Twitter. With some Etsy shilling, should I ever find more than 5 minutes to craft.

What it will become is anyone’s guess.


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